Trustee Recruitment Update  

Dance for life Oxfordshire

We are a growing charity working with older people and others with health needs. We have recently embarked on an exciting new phase of our mission to change people’s lives through dance, and are seeking committed individuals to join us.  

We are looking for people with different skills and backgrounds to join our Board of Trustees and help support our organisation as we move into a new phase of development.

We currently have five Board members from the arts, health and finance sectors and we would like to add value to these skill sets, as well as expanding the Board’s current range of knowledge and experience. Board members currently attend quarterly online meetings and are occasionally asked to give advice or support within their specific areas of expertise between those meetings. Board members also provide advocacy for our work within their specialist fields. 

Our organisation has grown rapidly over a relatively short space of time and we are now facing increasing demand for our work, partly because of an ageing population, and partly because of the pandemic’s long-lasting impact on people’s physical and mental health. We have recently been awarded three years’ funding from The Community Fund to develop both our organisation and our programmes of work across Oxfordshire, including widening our reach to people from at risk and vulnerable groups.  

As part of this development, we will build capacity and skills within our delivery team and would welcome additional support and advice from others who have worked in a range of settings. Our aim is to develop our organisation over the next three years so that it is resilient, adaptable and prepared for sustainable growth and we would love to hear from new individuals who are passionately committed to helping us achieve this aim. 


We see time and time again what a difference our work makes to people’s lives. Dance is uniquely positioned to deliver the health benefits of physical exercise through a creative artform. It is also a tool for self-expression and connection. Our work offers a physical and social experience that connects people physically and emotionally, and combats isolation and loneliness.   

Dance is strongly evidenced to be an extremely effective way to improve many different aspects of physical and mental health for older adults, reducing the risk of falls, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety and depression, and encouraging older adults to live fuller, longer and more independent lives. It has also been shown to be beneficial in the direct treatment of a number of conditions including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and stroke rehabilitation. Dance can also improve mental well-being through developing confidence, creativity, social interaction and team-building. 

Our participants regularly report the following benefits for their health:  

  • Being physically fitter and able to do more physical activity 
  • Feeling more confident about engaging in physical activity  
  • Experiencing a decrease in blood pressure 
  • Having greater strength/movement in limbs, including limbs affected by strokes 
  • Having a measured reduction in visceral fat and increase in muscle tissue  
  • Feeling happier, more confident and less lonely 

There are also benefits for the wider community, including: 

Reducing pressure/costs for the NHS and other services  

Providing choices, opportunities and respite for care-givers  

Providing a powerful means for communication – particularly for those without the power of speech  

Help us make a difference. 

Trustees Info 

In particular we are looking for people with expertise in: 

Financial and Budget Management 


Business Planning  

This experience could come from within the charity or arts/health sector, but equally we would like to learn from someone who has worked in other sectors, who can help us to apply skills and experience to running a small charity and ensuring its sustainability for the future.  


Mainly remote working – 0-5 hrs a month – quarterly Board meetings online with an annual in person meeting when possible.

Please contact us with an expression of interest:

We will arrange an online interview with the Artistic Directors and other Board members for suitable applicants.