Support a local innovative charity

Are you looking for a new opportunity to be part of something exciting and rewarding?

Could you give some of your time and skills helping to support a growing Oxfordshire based Charity working in the field of dance with older people.

Who we are

Dance Creative is a dance collaborative with charitable status seeking to change lives through the power of dance.

We work with older communities and those affected by conditions such as Dementia and Parkinsons.

We are looking for 1 or 2 new committed individuals to join our existing board of trustees who can bring their expertise to this vibrant and dance company to provide strategic support and enthusiastic advocacy as we grow and develop.

Key skills of interest:

  • Health and the arts
  • Marketing and communication
  • Strategic planning

We particularly welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds.

Could this be you?

Outline of a trustee role and person specification

The role of a trustee is voluntary and they work closely with the other trustees, chair and Artistic Director/s of the company. Helping them to deliver the strategic aims of Dance Creative, and deliver the agreed vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Using your expertise and networking skills you will support the work and development of Dance Creative and help to ensure its long term sustainability.

You will need to be committed meet quarterly throughout the year

To express your interest and to find out more please email:

What it means to be a Trustee

Trustees of a charitable company must:

  • Oversee and be accountable for the company 
  • Seek independent legal advice on matters in which they may not have particular knowledge
  • Be jointly responsible for decision making 
  • Offer guidance and support the Artistic Directors to formulate and regularly review the company’s vision, together with plans for achieving it
  • Be aware of the company’s Memorandum & Articles
  • Ensure that the company is acting legally in all its operations including financial matters

Trustees of a charitable company must not:

  • Gain financially or otherwise from their trusteeship. This includes the Trustees’ family and friends
  • Take part in any activity that is in conflict with the purposes and functioning of the charity
  • Hinder or undermine the company, its reputation, staff or functioning

Trustees of a charitable company should:

  • Endeavour to attend all Board meetings (held quarterly)
  • Keep a fair and open mind throughout discussions to secure the company’s best interests
  • Maintain effective, coherent and loyal working relationships
  • Maintain good practice standards for employment and equal opportunities
  • Treat all matters discussed at Board meetings as confidential

The Trustees’ role when a company is applying for Charitable Status

Potential trustees should:

  • Help the Artistic Directors to decide and plan how your charity will carry out its purposes – ie, what activities the charity will undertake, and what resources it will need
  • Go through a “Due Diligence” process so that the Charity Commission is satisfied that Trustee appointments are in the interests of the charity – ie, that they are the best people to be running the charity and ensuring that its charitable objects will be achieved

Charity Commission will want to see evidence that:

  • Trustees are not benefitting unduly from their position
  • Trustees’ skills and experience is in line with the company’s charitable objects and that there not better candidates for these roles available
  • Trustees have established that the charity would not function better if it worked in different ways from the way it is currently working